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How It Works



Just like any other scooter, fliptech can do the regular tail whips and bar spins. But combine the tail whip with a flip and you can do the ‘flip whip’. The combinations with the patented flipping technology are unlimited! What tricks can you come up with?



Want to carve like a snowboard? Fliptech allows that to happen! With complete movement in the deck and bars, you can generate speed and move freely from side to side. This takes away all the stiff aspects of a scooter and creates an incredibly smoot



Fliptech is the world’s first scooter that can kickflip just like a skateboard. By adding another rotating axis, it opens a whole new world of tricks that have never been done before. You can even ride it upside down...

About Us

Fliptech based in San Diego, California, is a powerful new scooter with the ability to perform scooter flips and tricks, just like a skateboard.

Revolutionary Flipping Deck Design

The design allows the scooter to flip, which enables the rider to do a kick flip, bringing likeness to a popular sport, skateboarding. It also allows you to ride the deck on either side and do different flips.

Specifically designed components are mounted to a cantilevered bearing system, which is interchangeable with all scooter parts. It is aerospace engineering designed and can be customized with existing scooter parts.

Revolutionary Brake System Design

The brake system allows the brake to be used when ridden on either side. The brake is a spring-loaded metal component that is pushed with the foot.

Braking power goes through the bottom of the scooter in a center pivot design that allows braking if the deck is flipped over. It is simple but innovative, and cut down smaller so the wheel touches but the metal brake is still present.

Locking Pin System

A spring-loaded ball bearing in the pin enables the scooter to be used like a regular scooter when the deck is flipped. Pin can be in or out, rotating, in spinning mode, or in locked mode, where it performs like a regular scooter.

The scooter has the ability to do tricks, emulating the most famous skateboarding tricks, and brings scootering to the next level. Perform tricks that have never been done before and open the door for new and inventive play and riding with the Fliptech.

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